Friday, January 10, 2020

Summer Sampler Sequel

So it's taken me a while to pick up my Summer Sampler blocks and continue on to the setting blocks. The quiltalong had a stunning layout included in the pattern and it's part of what drew me in.

For those blocks, I continued with Kona Shadow, which I'd used in many of my blocks, along with Kona Storm, a really deep blue. And honestly, it took alot of hours to get to this point. Templates and curves and pressing, oh my. I wish I could say I was 100% happy with my work, and in this photo it doesn't look half bad! But up close, those points and circles leave alot to be desired.

But! I've gotten this far, and now it's on to making a big ole quilt back. Even though a wide-back sounds easy(!), I think I'll use all of my extra fabric and start in on piecing one. I sure hope to be quilting before long!


  1. it's absolutely incredible! I love the setting, it just sets the blocks off perfectly

  2. That setting was super attractive and I think your color palette really pops! I hope piecing the back comes together quickly for you.

  3. What a super cool setting! The colours are amazing and I can't wait to see it finished. Have you given any thought to how you'll be quilting it?

  4. I love the that you choose this finishing option. It is what almost made me join in too :) It is so unique. And I love the look of your top. Have fun piecing the back. xo Melanie

  5. Wonderful. I’m trying to see how the circles were attached to the dark background. Did you applique them? Thx

    1. Jane, I'm sorry your email isn't attached to your comment, so I'll respond here. There are setting blocks - blue with gray curved segments on each side. Completely pieced by machine.