Thursday, April 2, 2020


It's been well over a year since my then Seattle MQG Giving Quilt Co-chair Louise/
@imfeelincrafty and I brought our three-year stint to a close. Our final quilt was The Last Hurrah, which was destined for QuiltCon 2019. It contained 185 string-pieced diamonds, and of course in cutting those, scraps happened, small odd-shaped striped bits.

The bits that I trimmed myself were stuffed in a plastic bag and put away for another day. That day happened last week, when I just started sewing a bunch of them together, arranging them in an improvisational diamond pattern.

For quilting, I focused on one of the diamonds, and using Aurifil 50wt #2021 (natural white), spiral-quilted around it all the way out to the edges. Then I went back and filled in said diamond with horizontal lines.

The little quilt finished at 20 1/2" x 22 1/2", and with a two-tone binding, is just a little reminder of a very good time


  1. I really like how you focused on an off-center diamond. I am glad that you have this mini as a direct connection to the stunning group quilt and your time as co-chair.

  2. This is absolutely delightful. I like what Yvonne said about tying back to your time as co-chair, too.

  3. fabulous! isn't it fun to dig out old scraps and make something incredible? well done

  4. Another recycled master piece! Excellent fun.

  5. Those bits and pieces are pure gold!! I love what you did with it and the quilting enhances the design to perfection!