Friday, October 16, 2020


Well Leanne/@shecanquilt's Bee Sewcial prompt this month turned out to be a really fun one for me. A celebration of shapes, reading 'cool' palette-wise, though we had the freedom to use all of the colors, just no neutrals like whites, blacks, greys, or browns.

For the first block, I was thinking of rectangles, and used the stack-and-whack method to create a mass of them. I added just a little off-centered 'filler' for some added interest, and trimmed it to finish at 12" x 14 3/4".

For the second block, I had a false start.... I started piecing some scrappy diamonds and they just weren't speaking to me. So I set then aside and pulled a handful of solids from stash, mostly cool colors of course, with a few warms as accents. I had the idea to make a good-size hexagon, though I thought I should 'fill' it with something interesting, which of course led me to some improv stripes. After making a big slab of them, I cut it into 1/8s and shuffled things around. I added in some extra bits just for an added visual, and that was especially fun.

I almost left the hexie as it was, since Leanne said we could do that, but I really wanted to pull some of the color out and and incorporate more 'cool.' Adding a 'border' was a little tricky, since I chose to use a couple of y-seams, but the effect turned out just as I'd hoped. Once I trimmed off the ragged edges, it finished at 13" x 15".

So that's it for me and Bee Sewcial this year. We have November and December 'off,' but I'll be back at some point to do a little round up. Until then....


  1. I'm curious if you'll go back to the scrappy diamonds or if they need to sit in time out for a bit. :)

  2. So very nicely done. You have such a knack for knowing when your improv needs more or is just right. Everyone who has received your improv blocks has something great to work with. Thanks for sharing your process, and these perfect finished blocks.