Friday, October 2, 2020

September Fabric Usage

September had a slow start, with little more than Summer Sampler and bee blocks in the first half of the month. But then things started to really look up as I forged ahead on the courthouse steps quilt I was making with the bundle I'd been curating over these last several months. Gotta say that felt great in more ways than one.

So all I brought in last month was one single yard for October's Stitch Club project, Alison Glass' Sunprint Menangerie in Mermaid. Unfortunately, those Xs are pretty tiny to stitch over, so I may need to rethink my stitching plan. But still, the stats are decent for September. And hard to believe, but I've used a net of over 100 yards so far this year. Ummm.... I never would have guessed that was possible. Yay!

September Fabric Usage
Used up: 20.05 yards
Brought in: 1.0 yard
Net: -19.05 yards
Year to date: -106.345 yards


  1. Oh wow, that's an impressive amount of yardage used. I look forward to seeing if you continue on with using the Menagerie for the October project or pivot to something else.

  2. Well that sure is impressive! Tracking like this is another way to affirm that your quiltmaking and creating is a positive thing.