Monday, September 28, 2020

Summer Sampler 2020 :: The Quilt Top!

After all those weeks of  piecing the Summer Sampler 2020 blocks, it feels pretty great to have gathered all the blocks into a quilt top!

Those hourglass cornerstones were a little effort but definitely worth it. Even before they made it into the quilt, they seemed something pretty special.

And once in, they add spots of interest all around the quilt.

The unique sashing was what really drew me to make this quilt. Sashing has not been on my radar for years, but the uniqueness of this design made me want to try it.

Due to the whimsy of one of the Carolyn Friedlander fabrics, here's one of the spots I especially love. This finished top is in line for quilting, but hopefully it won't be too long. Working on a backing now!

Week 1: Trellis     Week 2: Infinite Pinwheel
Week 3: Lakeside     Week 4: Tide Pool
Week 5: Brae     Week 6: Convergence
Week 7: Diverge   Week 8: Direction
Week 9: Midsummer     Week 10: Zephyr
Week 11: Swamp Rabbit     Week 12: Orbit
Week 13: Glimpse     Week 14: Like a Butterfly
Week 15: Flux     Week 16: Daylily


  1. The hourglass blocks were definitely worth the time, they melt into the piecing and create such an interesting way to finish and highlight the blocks!

  2. That is quite a unique sashing design. I love your colors and the top looks beautiful. I love the photo of your cornerstones. At first I thought you were introducing a new quilt you were working on. That one sashing piece really is an interesting print. Nice work.

  3. You're right about the setting (sashing) making the quilt really special. The hourglass cornerstones are what make it so look so good. Yay for you to keep up with the BOM, and have a finished top!

  4. I love the sashing - it really does add something special to the quilt. And the colours are so soft. Can't wait to see what you do for the quilting.