Monday, September 7, 2020

Improv Curves for the Win!

Like other modern quilt guilds around the world, Seattle MQG is working on their quilt for the QuiltCon 2021 Community Outreach Quilt Challenge. The design that was chosen is one submitted by our president, David Owen Hastings, “Resilience” meant to represent how we as guild members rely on each other in times of tension.

Several tutorials for these improv 'stones' were suggested, and I referenced the Curves Ahead tutorial by my Bee Sewcial mate Stephanie Ruyle/Spontaneous Threads, as well as the Organic Shapes video I had recently watched by Carolina/Carolina Oneto Quilts. I'm happy to say I used Elmer's Glue in the process, and for once didn't make a mess! The large "stone" I even marked with my hera marker and that worked really well! I was a little scared of these blocks, but happily they came together really well and I don't think I'll be as apprehensive next time!


  1. The blocks look great, Debbie, and I look forward to seeing how the quilt comes together for your guild.

  2. they look really great! i can't wait to see the quilt come together

  3. Hey Debbie, I think your links are broken. Was interested at looking at your tips but I went nowhere... Love how your blocks turned out. They look fun! xo

    1. Well that's strange! I reinserted them, Melanie, so please try again!

  4. Your blocks look great Debbie! I wanted to try Carolina's class too.

  5. This is so nice! And I'm glad your chapter is participating. Our MQG chapter members have no interest in participating. Unless I was the one to step up and organize (and finish) the entire quilt (as I have done in the past), it isn't happening. I'm glad you have members, including you, who are engaged.