Friday, September 4, 2020

Summer Sampler 2020 :: Like a Butterfly

Well this week's "Like a Butterfly" was a bit of a breather, and I took the opportunity to swap out a couple of fabrics. The gray swirly one hasn't actually been in any of my blocks, as it was destined to be a 'sashing only' fabric. But I really liked it and have been itching to use it, so in it went. I also swapped in the solid green, just because I felt like it. Any why not?

The block design is by Carolina of Carolina Oneto Quilts, and is reminiscent of the many colorful butterflies in Brazil where she now lives.

Week 1: Trellis     Week 2: Infinite Pinwheel
Week 3: Lakeside     Week 4: Tide Pool
Week 5: Brae     Week 6: Convergence
Week 7: Diverge   Week 8: Direction
Week 9: Midsummer     Week 10: Zephyr
Week 11: Swamp Rabbit     Week 12: Orbit
Week 13: Glimpse


  1. Fun block and great piecing Debbie.

    1. PS, I just saw your last post, your quilt top is super fun and yes, respectable stats in your fabric use. I'm in awe.

  2. good fabric choices I say. nice