Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Autumn Steps

If you've paid any attention to my Fabric Usage posts this year, you may have noticed that during this Covid-time, I'm been slowly curating a stack of fabrics with an admittedly, unknown purpose other than to use them together. 

[Top to bottom: Ruby Star Society Warp & Weft Chore Coat in Persimmon + Diamond Textiles Crossed in Mustard + Art Gallery MakerC+S Dusk Till Dawn Moonchild in Grass + Kona Grellow? + Carolyn Friedlander Harriot Textured in Roasted Pecan Yarn Dyed + Essex Yarn Dyed Homespun in Roasted Pecan + Giucy Giuce Redux String Theory in Tangerine + Ruby Star Society Speckled in Earth Metallic + Carolyn Friedlander Architextures Crosshatch in Tangerine + Kona Tigerlily + Ruby Star Society Spark in Butterscotch + Kona Cedar]

After all these months, I finally have a quilt!

It took me a while to decide on a quilt design, and even though I liked the traditional courthouse steps I chose, as the piece grew larger, I briefly considered cutting it into quarters and mixing things up a bit. But I persevered, and now that it's done - measuring about 72" square - I'm really glad I persisted.

Strips of fabric measured from 1" to 4 1/2" wide finished, chosen willy-nilly from my stack as I sewed along. I'd cut a few strips, sew a few, then evaluate and see what I wanted next. 

I found a 3-yard length of an oldie but goodie in my stash for the beginning of a pieced back - Meteor Shower from Tula Pink's The Birds & the Bees line. To that I added what I had left of the Crossed in Mustard, and what I don't think was Kona Pink Flamingo, but very close to it. For quilting thread, I also had a very perfect Aurifil 50wt #2320 [Light Toast] on hand, and it ended up suiting every fabric of the bunch.

After having trouble sourcing my 'normal' Warm & White batting, I've been using Quilter's Dream Cotton in the Select loft these last few months, and I think this is the largest quilt I've used it in. For quilting, I hauled out my back-up machine, just to use its easy-going serpentine stitch, which made the process pretty quick, especially since I just followed seam lines in one direction, so the range in density resulted in a drapey and cozy quilt. 

Between quilting less densely than usual and deciding to throw the quilt in for a quick wash and dry, as the photos show, I've got a much more crinkly finish than my norm. And I love it! Somewhere along the construction process, I'd decided this one would be a perfect new autumn throw for our own home, so the crinkles and cozy are totally fine by me.


  1. What a beautiful graphic quilt! I love your colors in this one...
    Nice work hugs, Julierose

  2. The quilt definitely feels like it was curated and created at just the right time. I love that you have such a snuggly and cozy throw quilt for the fall. I also really enjoy getting to see a peek into others homes and how they display their quilts. :)

  3. Piecing that quilt must have taken a long time! Do you find it somewhat heavy with all those seams? I like knowing how you placed colors... by just "what you wanted next." Perfect. I'm impressed that you have a three-yard piece of fabric in your stash! Wow. I don't have anything that size, and when I think I should, I decide it's better to use up the smaller pieces for a pieced back. Though I know that's what you did with this quilt too. It's great knowing you're going to use this quilt. I've just prepared pictures and info for six of my own large quilts and eight small quilts to be perused by three families: brother, and his two nephews - to choose which they might like. Funnily, so far they're choosing quilts I've made just this year! Guess the oldies are the "goodies" I hoped they'd be. :-) I'm glad you liked using Quilter's Dream Cotton Select. QD is my favorite brand, though I do like Hobb's cotton-wool blend (that combo is not made by QD). Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilt. Now stay warm!

  4. Fabulous finish, color choices and back!
    Autumn Steps is a perfect name too.
    I like the peek into your home collection of quilts, classic.

  5. So pretty! It is a great Fall finish.

  6. you have such a wonderful eye for curating fabric bundles! I love this quilt... and seeing all your quilts & fancy pillow in your corner.

  7. This quilt is great! It leads me to dream of other block designs to turn into one block quilts!

  8. This is a gorgeous finish - I love the "traditional with a twist" feel of it. And such beautiful, beautiful colours.

  9. I love your "one block" quitl design and that you also used lots of improv on it - as is your style. Your fabric placement is as usual spot on. Love the quilt! Stay warm & cuddle it lots ;) xo Melanie

  10. I love everything about this and adore the crinkling effect created by your quilting choice. As your one giant block grew, was it hard to work with?

    1. Liz, I don't have your email so I'll respond here... And yes, it got a little unwieldy with those long strips, which I had to piece after a while. It was important to measure thru the center as I went and cut the next strip to that size. Otherwise things would have gotten much more rippley the bigger I got....