Thursday, August 4, 2022

July Fabric Usage

After a very productive June, July was mediocre. My largest finish was the "eXtra" quilt, so I felt good about that. And I did manage a few small projects - bee blocks, finishing a pair of embroidery samplers for my mom, and making a tote for a friend. On the flip side, I did bring in several yards of fabric.

It all began with needing more Kona Black to finish off eXtra. While I was at it, I restocked some Navy Essex for stash, and Kona Key Lime I knew I'd need for the current Quilt Improv Studio Pop Improv challenge. That "It's a Plus" by Rashida Coleman-Hale on top there was intended as a backing for eXtra, but I decided to save it to inspire another project, so I guess that was just a treat to myself.

And then I ordered more bits of fabric for my chosen palette for the QIS challenge. Top to bottom are:
  • Kona Acid Lime
  • Deco Glo, Juke Box Kiwi by Giuseppe Ribaudo AKA @giucy_giuce
  • Kona Bright Idea
  • Kona Key Lime
  • Deco Glo, Geese Lime also by Giuseppe
  • Kona Parrot
Those prints seemed too perfect not to include, don't you think?

So most of what was purchased was for a very specific project, and is already in use. I'm still in the midst of my QIS challenge quilt, but I expect most of what was purchased for it will be used before I'm finished. So I closed out the month with a net usage of 6.5 yards, and I think for mid-summer, I'm ok with that.

June Fabric Usage

Used up: 13.0 yards
Brought in: 6.5 yards 
Net: -6.5 yards

Net Year to date: -55.292 yards
Total Year to date: -121.042 yards


  1. Shopping but still net negative - I'd call that a huge success! xo

  2. You're doing fabulous! Love those lime-y and chartreuse solids and prints. You must have a wonderful local shop to visit, and that makes me envious. All my fabric purchases - well, 99 percent of them - have to be online.