Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Mini Series Sew Along :: Log Cabin + Triangle Cabin

Well, the Mini Series Sew Along hosted by Alison Glass and Giuseppe Ribaudo/@giucy_giuce has officially begun! I didn't participate in the popular 2020 sew along, and had only made two tiny piecing designs in the class I took with Giuseppe years ago, so most of the designs I'll be making will be brand new to me. And so far, I'm enjoying them!

All my blocks will be 4" finished, just to give you an idea of the scale of things. First up was the Log Cabin block, definitely an old favorite of mine in any form. 

Then there was Triangle Cabin, a fun variation. 

One of the things to think about as I tackle each block, is what range of color I want to use. I have 14 fabrics in my original muted rainbow bundle, so depending on what each block needs, I'm selecting a sub-range from my overall palette. So far, I've kept the fabrics in the order I received them, but I don't expect that necessarily to be the case as I work through all the blocks.

Anyway, so far so good! With my machine all set up with its 80wt thread and 1.4 stitch length; and with my tools and fabric out and accessible, it's been hard to stop with just these two blocks. Let's just say I've already snuck into next week's block assignment.... and beyond.


  1. It is hard to picture such intricacy in a 4" block. Maybe it would be helpful to show your blocks next to a quarter coin.

    1. I could do that. ;-) I already have photos of next week's blocks, but I'll try to do that before long...

  2. I am so excited to see more of these :)

  3. I was curious if you were going to keep things in the same order or mix it up. I look forward to seeing more!

  4. These two blocks look SO perfect! I can tell that you're pressing as you go, right? Are you using a wool pressing mat? Looks like it to me. I also appreciate knowing you're using 80-weight Aurifil thread in your sewing machine. I've used it for hand-appliqué and it's wonderful for that, but I haven't tried it in the machine. Apparently it's perfect for making tiny seams that lay flat! Keep up the beautiful work!