Friday, September 16, 2022

The Quilts of Bee Sewcial

If you've been around A Quilter's Table for a while, you know that I have been a member of the Bee Sewcial improv bee since it's inception in 2015(!). It's been fun, challenging, and sometimes even frustrating, but definitely a good thing, and it has really impacted my creative journey. In the process, I've made countless improvisationally-pieced blocks based on the most interesting of prompts; and so far, have completed seven quilts, with an eighth currently in the works.

Well after all this time, you can now follow Bee Sewcial on Instagram, as it has its own account! Expect to find our monthly prompts, blocks and quilts we create, and ....

some really exciting news for our bee! This November at International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas, there will be a special exhibit: The Quilts of Bee Sewcial!

Industry sponsors: Aurifil Threads, Hobbs Batting, Lucky Spool Media, Studio 39 Fabrics 

"Bee Sewcial is an international, improvisational quilting bee. Each month, the selected group leader provides an inspiration—a theme, palette, restrictions, etc.—for the members of the bee to follow when they design and make a block. The monthly group leader designs a quilt using the improv creation of each contributing member. Each quilt is unique, yet reflects the cohesion and trust they have toward each other."

Below is "Poster Pop," one of our Bee Sewcial quilts by Kari Vojtechovsky.  It has been selected as the Signature Quilt for the 2022 Houston Quilt Market. Thus, it will appear on the cover of the Buyer’s Guide, show program, postcard, and other online promotions. Pretty cool, eh?
"Poster Pop" by Kari Vojtechovsky

As for the Festival exhibit, 26 Bee Sewcial quilts will be featured, including 4 of my own. All the special exhibit quilts will be shown, in part or full, on the Bee Sewcial IG page in the coming weeks.

So we are excited! I hope you'll consider following our new Bee Sewcial account, and if you're at Quilt Festival in November, that you enjoy the exhibit!


  1. That is exciting, the Houston Quilt Festival! I've been to the Houston Quilt Festival once and it was amazing. My son and daughter in law are living in Austin now, hmmm.
    I'll look at the new account, thanks for sharing!

  2. Congrats to you all! I will be following.

  3. Congratulations that is so cool and exciting!

  4. Congrats to you and your group! I've enjoyed watching what you are creating, and with the new account, it will be much easier!

  5. What fantastic and exciting news; congratulations to everyone who has taken part in Bee Sewcial and helped to create those quilts. I'm sure the exhibit is going to be stunning!

  6. I already read this on IG - but it is sooo exciting. I think I can congratulate all of you again! xo

  7. This is such fabulous news! What a wonderful way to showcase all of yours, and other's, creative improvisational efforts. I truly admire what each of you does - Kari's quilt will beautifully feature and represent all of you - and it's wonderful that you're receiving this recognition. I'm already following your new IG account, and will continue to support and admire all the quilts you've already made, and those you'll likely make in the future. Have the best times! (You're going to Houston, aren't you?)

  8. Love that Poster Pop!!! That's so cool it was chosen for the marketing of Quilt Market!!!