Friday, February 2, 2024

Modern Potholder Group Quilt

When Linda Hungerford @flourishingpalms emailed me about possibly joining in to make a Modern Potholder Group Quilt, I was intrigued. I'd never heard of a potholder quilt before, but Linda had learned a lot about the unique process from a potholder quilt tutorial by Wendy Caton Reed @theconstantquilter. Linda explained what she was looking for, and I told her I was game.

Linda had chosen a palette of Painter's Palette solids by Paintbrush Studios - Pewter, Banana, Sulphur, Aruba, Bright Aqua, and Agave. I purchased a couple of cuts, and Linda also sent me pieces of other colors. 

The basic assignment was to make two blocks, an improv-pieced one 6.5" x 12.5", and a one-color block 6.5" square. We were asked to make quilt sandwiches using Quilter's Dream Request batting, backing each with a whole piece of one of the colored (not gray) fabrics. I ended up using all six colors between the fronts and backs of my two blocks.

Then, we were to big-stitch quilt the blocks using white #8 perle cotton. Stay-stitching around our finished blocks was the final step before mailing them off to her,

Well that was interesting and fun! I enjoyed participating in Linda's effort to make a modern potholder quilt. Linda will be binding all the blocks she received and then hand-stitching to join the blocks together. Can't wait to see more as things progress!


  1. Great colors and technique. Thanks for sharing. I like the big stitch quilting using #8 perle cotton, super!

  2. How fun! It's a nice palette that I wouldn't have thought of quickly, and it will be fun to see how it all comes together for Linda.

  3. What a fun palette to play with! Will be fun to see what Linda does with this!

  4. I'm so glad you were "game" to participate, Debbie! You followed instructions perfectly, though I already knew you are fabulous with improv AND big stitch hand quilting. Thank you for jumping into the project so quickly. I've collected six sets of blocks thus far, and am looking forward to seeing what arrangement is will look best.

  5. I love your improv block and the stitching! And the idea sounds unusual but intriguing so I will sure be following along to see how it works out ;) xo