Thursday, February 1, 2024

January Fabric Usage

Let's just say it's been a very good month for fabric usage, thanks to several factors. Projects, yes!  There were several small ones - Aurifil Artisan projects, bee and group quilt blocks, a large gift bag. But there were also a couple of larger projects - the entire Cozy quilt sandwich, and a big ole quilt back for my Diamond Flare quilt. That all added up!

But then I gifted some fabric as well. Call it new year's refresh if you will. Some random blocks* went to an IG follower, and a quilt's worth of scrappy hourglass blocks* were rehomed to my friend Ellyn @ellynz. (You should see what she's doing with them!!) A bit also went to Linda @flourishingpalms to help with her group quilt project*, which I'll share more about soon.

And yes, I also brought in some fabric:

  • some Kona Bleach White, which I didn't actually realize was treated for dyeing, so I've just stashed it for now.
  • two grid prints that I thought would coordinate with the focus fabric for my Cozy quilt.
  • a length of limited edition KONA color of the year, Julep, to share with my daughter.
  • just a bit of Painter’s Palette solids, which I unfortunately forgot to get a photo of.

So all that adds up to the stats shown below. I've separated out the categories just a bit more than usual. The 'recycled' looks a bit extreme, as it partially carried over from December's sewing, and I am not a ruthless snippet-keeper. But it felt good to gift a couple of the projects I wasn't excited about working on anymore, and overall, it feels like a great start to the year. 

January Fabric Usage

Used up: 21.38 yards [14.15 projects + 4.02 gifted* + 3.21 recycled]
Brought in: 7.6 yards [4.0 yards gift + 3.6 for specific projects]
Net: -13.78 yards

I do feel like I need to start adding back in some fabrics to stash - both solids I've used up, and some newer prints - so expect to see some of that this year. All along, the goal has been to refresh/update the stash and focus on using what I had, and that has definitely happened. Here's to  more of the same.


  1. Wow, great way to start out the year. I'm planning on a pretty big print refresh this year. I'm down to mostly scraps in my print bins and so it's time to get some decent yardage built back up there.

  2. Excellent work, Debbie! Very impressive numbers, once again. You've been busy in January, and that's good. I noticed how to did that... adding to MY stash. So sneaky of you. :-)