Monday, June 17, 2024

Floral Stitches I

Not normally one for subscription projects, I couldn't resist when I saw Rebecca @dropcloth of Dropcloth Samplers post about her new Floral Stitches subscription. The monthly floral designs are small - each flower 4" across - but I've been missing stitching the samplers, and I thought they might be a fun little project each month, heading into summer.

I signed up for six months, and we'll see from there. I have a couple of ideas of how to use the finished samplers, but that's a ways off. At any rate, I backed my first little sampler with Essex, hooped, and started stitching. 

No longer an Aurifil Artisan, I reverted back to a double-thickness of size 8 WonderFil perle cotton for this series. Not that I don't honestly love the Aurifil 12wt for embroidery - I definitely do! But I knew Rebecca uses mostly the perle, and I have a wider color selection in the perle. Plus, it's a change of pace. Both stitch beautifully with a wonderful result.

This little sampler actually took longer than I expected. Though the design is small, filling in certain areas was time-consuming. I may eventually go back and stitch that tiny scallop.... I tried twice, but didn't like how it looked, and removed my stitching. In the end, I just couldn't decide what to do quite yet, and I didn't want to cover it up. So for now at least, I'm leaving it as is. Next up in the Floral Stitches series is the unstitched sampler shown below. But first, I have a larger Dropcloth design I want to stitch, so I'll be back to share them both as they're completed.


  1. A change of pace in both thread and samplers sounds (and looks) great to me!

  2. Oh gosh - that scallop does not look easy to do, I can see why you decided to think on it. The little flower is so cute and colorful!

  3. so cute.... yeah that scallop looks like a challenge. I think maybe I'd just outline it? hmm

  4. I like your colors and stitching! Yes the tiny scallop doesn't make sense with size 8 perle cotton. Wow. Maybe you could do a 'V' then at the top of the curve do one stitch but that would be very fiddly with # 8 perle, almost needs a finer thread I think. That's part of the fun of stitching is finding what works for you.

  5. Looks like fun! And your stitches, as always, are beautiful. I'm curious as to why you backed your piece with linen. I've always used - because it was recommended - a very light weight fusible. In Australia it's called Whisperweft, and I brought a couple yards of it home with me after being there. I still have some, so I keep using it. But linen is a new idea to me. Maybe it has more substance to it? Well, I'm sure not questioning how it looks, because it's great! I'll be watching, with interest, as you continue to make these.