2016 Finish-A-Long

2016 FAL
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Welcome to the 2016 Finish-A-Long (aka FAL), a motivational and encouraging place with a rich history. Due to its growth over the last four years, the FAL will be co-hosted this year by avid sewing bloggers from around the world. Join in, work like crazy to sew through your list, and cheer on other sewists along the way. Of course finishes are the real win, but there's prizes at the end of each quarter too!

Here are you hosts for the year:

Like any good thing, there's some rules .... easy to follow but important for the success of the FAL:

.... At the start of each quarter there will be a linky party for you to link up your proposed list of finishes. You must link up in order to be able to be eligible for those prizes at the end. Please only enter ONE blog post or Flickr photo or Instagram photo at this starting link-up. If you use Flickr or Instagram please describe your plan in the description. 

.... In order for your projects to be eligible, they must at least be a tangible project at the start of the quarter. That means, at the very least, a pile of fabric pulled along with a pattern, or a quilt top needing to be quilted, or a half knit jumper. Your stack of bee blocks is great, but they won't count unless you happen to be turning them all into a fully completed quilt!

.... As you complete each of your projects on your list, write a post all about it, or a description of a Flickr pic. 

.... At the end of the quarter, link up each individual post or Flickr pic, linking back to your original list in some way. For each finish/link you complete, you get an entry into the draw, and therefore it's in your best interest to write up a separate post for each!

.... A finish is defined as a completely finished project, like a quilt, quilted and bound; a bag that's fully lined and functional; or a garment that one could wear out in public. I'm thrilled if you get a quilt top completed in one quarter, but hold onto it for the next quarter and see if you can get it quilted and bound before entering please.


.... You won't be punished if you don't finish your entire list, so feel free to make a big list and roll projects over from one quarter to the next if you need to.

.... All qualifying finishes will be put into a prize draw, and the names/numbers drawn at random for each of the prizes donated by our sponsors for that quarter.

.... The finish linky party will be open for approximately a week, and then the next quarter will open on the following day.

The FAL is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. That means you! Here's the schedule for this year. I'll make the links live as things get going, so this is a good place to keep tabs on the schedule through the year.

1/7/16 Q1 proposed finishes linky opens
1/16/16 Q1 proposed finishes linky closes
3/31/16 Q1finishes linky opens
4/1/16 - 4/6/16 Tutorial week
4/7/16 Q1 finishes linky closes

4/8/16 Q2 proposed finishes linky opens
4/16/16 Q2 proposed finishes linky closes
6/30/16 Q2 finishes linky opens
7/1/16 - 7/6/16 Tutorial week
7/7/16 Q2 finishes linky closes

7/8/16 Q3 proposed finishes linky opens
7/16/16 Q3 proposed finishes linky closes
9/30/16 Q3 finishes linky opens
10/1/16 - 10/6/16 Tutorial week
10/7/16 Q3 finishes linky closes

10/8/16 Q4 proposed finishes linky opens
10/16/16 Q4 proposed finishes linky closes
12/31/16 Q4 finishes linky opens
1/1/17 - 1/5/17 Tutorial week
1/6/17 Transitioning into 2017
1/7/17 Q4 finishes linky closes

Check out the list of our generous sponsors and the prizes they are offering - wow! I think we all better get sewing!


  1. not only will this be my first group activity... but it's prompting me to actually commit to creating and USING a web/blogsite. I write and work on websites all. day. long. for work so haven't had the motivation to add this to my non-work life - BUT - it's time to embrace work-life integration. here goes... have to take a few or twenty Wordpress tutorials, but i'll get there. Now, how to add buttons....

  2. This is so great! I'm joining in!

  3. How do we get to see the prize list. It was posted that it is up.

  4. Hi, Debby! What Fantastic motivations and inspirations to incentive us to finish our UFO's. <3 Love love. At once we are on April ...I'd like to know if I still have time to join in 2016 Fal . May I ? I have some unfinished projects. Please let me know.

  5. So sorry I write wrong name...I don't know how to edit my comment..sorry, Debbie. :( Have a wonderful day!! Greetings from Brazil!

  6. I'd love to join this quarter. Am
    I too late???

  7. Debbie, I try for the first time to participate. I hope I did well!!!
    Thank you. I love your blog and what you sew :-)