Friday, March 30, 2012

52 lists in 52 weeks//week 43 and So Forth

Boy, if I ever needed a list, this one's it!

List 43: What's on your declutter list?

I've been meaning to do this for weeks, and have barely started. (I sorted out the spice rack and cleaned the fridge. Gotta start somewhere!) Kellie of getthewordsout, the originator of the '52 lists in 52 weeks' project, has some links on her blog about decluttering. You might want to check them out here. I actually went to Pinterest and just typed in 'declutter' and got all sorts of interesting info, including this site - Happy Clippings. I got a chuckle from the byline on the pin: "How To Declutter in 30 minutes a Day. Now get off the computer and do it!" Uh, yeah. That would be good advice!

Anyway, here's a list I jotted down without trying too hard - all worthy goals, ha. 
  1. Magazine rack in family room has months of magazines that need gone through.
  2. Fabric stash in sewing room needs tidied - it's controlled chaos and even a little time here would help.
  3. Stacks of cookbooks around the house need corralled.
  4. Main food cupboard in kitchen needs a reorg.
  5. All kitchen drawers need a reorg also.
  6. Laundry room counter - yikes!
  7. Under my side of the bed is a mess of books and magazines that I mean to read but probably won't.
  8. Recipe clippings have overgrown their space and need entered in my MasterCook database or tossed.
  9. Spring cleaning time in my closet and dresser drawers.
  10. Front of fridge needs freshened up.
  11. Plastic bags need to be recycled.
  12. Gift wrap shelf is a mess.
Since I know you love photos, here's a quick peek at what went on in the sewing room last night . . . nothing major, but fun nonetheless.
 "Pathways" designed by Weeks Ringle & Bill Kerr from Modern Blocks

My first two "Hopscotch" blocks! I'm working with rulers (thanks Sharon!)
rather than templates, and cutting my own "jelly roll" strips which is working just fine.

And a surprise from Toni! Wow! My count is up to 22 now! Thanks, girl!


  1. Ugh, declutter! I've thrown away three bags of stuff and have a garage sale pile, and there's still clutter everywhere.

  2. My husband teases me that I'm a "pile person" which sometimes I take as a compliment as I view it as a reflection of the many different things I am working on. hehe Super fun things you were working on in the sewing room - love the Hopscotch blocks! The blocks from Toni look great - it's so fun to recognize fabrics in scrappy blocks...makes me think I've been doing my homework. :)

  3. well, where should I start? My sewing room is a nightmare. My kitchen is like an episode of hoarders because I have been sewing in there for three weeks! I plan on shovelling the end of April when Moda club is over : ) Lovely blocks too

  4. I tend to buy more shelves, but am running out of places to put them. I love those blocks.

  5. I try to keep on top of de-cluttering as I'm on the phone list for our Canadian Diabetes Association that picks up used clothing/books/household items. So that definitely helps but I'm sure there's still more I can do. The kids' closet is on the top of my list right now!!!

    The blocks look great and I especially like that hopscotch progress!

  6. Love the hopscotch blocks and I don't envy you that list :)

  7. I think I could pretty much copy and paste your list on to mine! Amazing how quickly things can go from clean to cluttered. And the hopscotch is just going to be fabulous!

  8. Phew, you're back! I'm leaving the decluttering til next weekend when we've got 4 days to tackle things! Round here it's mainly the recycling that I have to take to the tip, since the council has decreed that as we live in flats they can't be bothered to leave us recycling bins...

    I could do with a bit of a project tidy up too, and some washing, and a pile of bills and letters to sort through from their usual dumping ground and... now see what you've started!

    Love the blocks though :o)