Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Table Tidbit

Thanks to facebook, I realized today is National Pi day! According to Wikipedia, "Pi Day is observed on March 14 because of the date's representation as 3/14 in month/day date format. This representation adheres to the commonly used approximation of 3.14 for π. . . There are many ways of celebrating Pi Day. Some of them include eating pie and discussing the relevance of π."

Well if you know me at all, you'll know that I'd rather eat pie than discuss the relevance of π. And coincidentally, I had every intention of making a pie for you this week. Hasn't happened yet, and not sure if it will. So I figured today's a fine day to share the recipe with you just in case. It's actually the same as The Pioneer Woman's {find it here}. Grasshopper Pie - a perfect pi pie for any day and especially for . . . St. Patrick's Day! hint hint
                                                Source: via Debbie on Pinterest


  1. I'll take any excuse to eat more pie, even to celebrate Pi Day!

  2. It took me ages to work out what on earth everyone was going on about, then realised North American date format is month/day, wherease we're day/month, and that would only work for us if there was a 31st of April ;o)

  3. i am so bummed i didn't celebrate pi day! i will fix that today! pie... it is my favorite!

  4. That pie sounds great! I had been wanting to celebrate pi day since I first heard about it a few years ago. Of course, I remembered what day it was right after I pulled my CAKE out of the oven yesterday morning. It was a flop, too, which made it even more sad.