Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's Nice to Share

I really enjoyed seeing three group quilts I had contributed blocks to being blogged about this week. Pretty cool to see your blocks as part of beautiful quilts that go to encourage people that are hurting.

This first quilt was put together by my FAITH Circle sis Kelsey of Kelsey Creates. Her husband's coworker's home was detroyed by a gas line explosion. Her original post asking for help can be found here, and her wrap-up post is here, where you'll also see more pictures of this scrappy quilt. The Mod Mosaic block pattern is by Elizabeth Hartman, and can be found on her blog, Oh Fransson! When I made my block for this quilt, I thought it was very fun to make, and just may try my hand at it again!

Kelsey put together this next quilt too, and shares about it here. It was do.Good Stitches FAITH circle's December 2011 quilt, made up of Wavy Prism blocks designed by Kelsey herself.

Lastly is a trio of baby quilts made by Rachel of Stitched in Color. They were the February project of the FAITH Circle, and you can read about the making of these Granny Square quilts here. Isn't it cool to see them with their different background colors? If you haven't given these popular blocks a try yet, you'll find the tutorial by Blue Elephant Stitches here.

Hope you enjoyed this little showing of quilts that are already on their way to giving care to folks in need.


  1. I remember reading about the co-worker`s quilt and good to see the end result. I love those granny squares, which reminds me I have some more to make.

  2. these quilts are so cool, that top one looks so neat to make!

  3. Each of those quilts is lovely and such nice projects to be a part of.

  4. Gorgeous quilts! The top one looks amazing.

  5. So cool, all so very different, but all equally fab!

  6. Oh the San Bruno gas fire....being that I live in the Los Angeles area this was all over the news at the time. So sad. Wonderful that you created something that went into a larger project to help out one of the families! Yea for giving back! When things are a bit calmer around here I'm going to pay more attention and participate when something like this pops up.