Thursday, July 5, 2012

A {picnic} Table Tidbit :: The Prize

Once again, I'm a little slow on posting about the prize for the Tuesday at the {picnic} Table link-up. The initial {picnic} post is here, and that is where you'll link up all through July. Just link up a recipe or anything else related to the table, and if it's from the picnic table, all the better! The linky will be open through Tuesday, July 31. On Wednesday, August 1, I'll choose one random winner from all of the link-ups.

Now on to the prize for that winner! First off, Kate Spain's new line, Cuzco, just really struck my fancy! So I have two charm packs of this colorful, versatile line. Pretty cool to have found these and a few other upcoming lines at CharmPacksPlus.
CUZCO by Kate Spain - Moda Fabric Charm Pack - Five Inch Quilt Squares Quilting Material
And to encourage you with all your bag-making, there's some twill tape from pinked fabrics. When Amy heard I was buying the tape for a giveaway, she gracious threw in 2 yards each of yellow and pink as well as the colors I had ordered! So all told, there's 12 yards of tape - easily enough for several bags!
chevron twill tape, red, 2 yardschevron twill tape,celery, 2 yardschevron twill tape,black, 2 yards
chevron twill tape, turquoise, 2 yardschevron twill tape, yellow, 2 yardschevron twill tape, pink, 2 yards
Lastly, when I ordered myself "The Binding Tool", I ordered an extra to include in this giveaway. So we'll figure out together how to use this thing, ok?
The Binding Tool Used for Quilt Binding 
So there you go . . . I'm excited to see what you share from your picnic table!


  1. Very pretty and generous prize! Great binding tool! No more measuring, I think when using that (o:

  2. Oh my goodness! I just watched a video about the binding tool and I get it - I think it would be awesome to have. The twill tape is very cute and would make a quick finish for drawstring bags. I think it would be a bit more sturdy than ribbon, too. Neat prizes - thanks for your inspiration!

  3. Very generous prizes Debbie. Hope to link something up

  4. Those are great prizes. I will figure out how to participate.

  5. Oh dang, I'm sunk! Gotta go enter :)

  6. Oh those fabrics are fantastic! I just love Kate's colourful prints! And ribbons - I feel I collect ribbons - would like to get some of those! x Teje

  7. Great prizes Debbie! Who doesn't love a picnic? Can't wait to see the links.

  8. Love a bit of bribery Debbie:) I haven't seen the twill tape before, and Kate Spains fabrics are so pretty.

  9. I found this video that explains perfectly how to use this tool. Go to:
    It was very helpful when my friend was trying this tool.

  10. Love these prizes, Debbie! What a great pack!!

  11. Thirsty? Here's a great patio beverage to share on a warm day that is a delightful thirst quencher.
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  12. Wow - I thought Cuzco was not out yet! I have been waiting to get my hands on that one!!!

  13. Here is a recipe for "Tres Leches" cake. This means "3 Milks" cake. It is served cold and is a perfect treat on a hot day!

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  14. OOPS - Step # 6 for Tres Leches should be an electric mixer!!!!