Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday at the {picnic} Table

Welcome to Tuesday at the {picnic} Table, another month-long event celebrating the table, wherever you find it! Just one linky for the whole month - right here on this post. Each Tuesday I'll have a link back so you can find it easily and I'll keep it front and center in the Tuesday at the Table tab under my header as well.

I must have had picnics on my mind when I woke up Sunday, because almost immediately, I thought of picnic, a shop in Seattle that I had heard about but never visited. Thinking it would be perfect inspiration for this month's table topic, hubby and I went to check it out. 
It calls itself a "food + wine boutique", and I think that is an accurate description. They offer "wine by the glass and bottle, unique food gifts, a diverse selection of cheese and charcuterie items as well as a menu of soups, salads and sandwiches to eat-in or take away." Perfect. We had just eaten when we visited, but were still able to find several items to enjoy later.
Admittedly, there was alot to tempt us! 

arrow pointing to very awesome kale & chickpea salad with pepitas - yum!

We could have easy packed ourselves a picnic, without a doubt! As it was, we enjoyed perusing the cold case, the heirloom beans and various condiments, the wine, etc. etc. Fun shop.

Meanwhile, back to reality, and I have the easiest of easy picnic recipes to share, what we call "Turkey Rollups." Basically, take a flour tortilla, spread with soft cream cheese (I prefer the whipped), layer a couple of slices of deli turkey and roll up. I'll either wrap them separately, rolled up in plastic wrap, or make a bunch and fill a zip-lock bag. They are easy to transport, stand up well to a stuffed cooler, and always seem to be enjoyed.

I'm working on pulling together a prize package that I'll share later this week, but for now, post about a picnic recipe or experience or project - or really, anything related to the table - and link it up for a chance to win. Most important, we'll enjoy sharing together . . .


  1. I hope to be able to come up with a recipe this time!
    The boutique must have been the best place to be. Wow!

  2. Looks like fun! Days out with my hubby are few and far between

  3. The store looks fantastic. I would spend all my money very fast in a store like that :)

  4. OK even I can manage a turkey rollup, if it ever stops raining I will make some for a picnic. That store looks wonderful.

  5. Oh I love delis like that, they always look and smell wonderful

  6. Looks like a great shop! I hope to have something to link up this month.

  7. I love doing those roll-ups, especially with flavored cream cheeses.
    That shop looks like a fun one! Thanks for sharing it.

  8. Picnic looks like a great place to visit. My daughters and I discovered that picnics are an affordable way to eat in Europe. We like to go to a deli or specialty food shop (there are so many good ones!) and pick up a lunch or supper we can take out to a park or a bench where we can just soak up the atmosphere. Mmmm, yum!

  9. Gina emailed me a link for Olive Oil Muffins by Giada De Laurentiis. "While the name may not sound like anything you'd want to make (let alone eat!), believe me when I tell you they are FABULOUS! They have a lovely citrusy scent and are perfect for a picnic."

  10. Wow.. What a great way to celebrate! I'm going to post something this month.

  11. Roxanne sent a yummy sounding recipe!

    Here is a recipe for "Tres Leches" cake. This means "3 Milks" cake. It is served cold and is a perfect treat on a hot day!

    1)prepare any yellow cake mix and bake in a 9X13 pan.

    2)cool to touch and poke holes all over with a fork.

    3) hand mix 1 cup whole milk, 1 can sweetened condensed milk and 1 can evaporated milk.

    4) slowly pour 3 milks over the cake allowing the cake to absorb the mix.

    5) refrigerate overnight.

    6) Topping is made by beating 1 container of whipping cream with an electric mixer while adding powdered sugar. This will slowly thicken as you add the sugar. Or you may use Cool Whip.

    7) Serve in a bowl and be sure to spoon some of the 3 milks into the bowl.