Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday at the {picnic} Table

This last weekend, we celebrated the marriage of a close family friend. At the rehearsal dinner, the bridesmaids were quizzing the guests for marriage advice. I was touched by what son had to offer. "Eat together." Our families have always been big on sharing a meal around the table, definitely seeing it as a way to connect to each other. There's really nothing quite like it. Research even proves it. Taking the significance and joy of the table outdoors adds a festivity to a simple meal, a refreshing change to our routine.

Over the years, one of our favorite desserts to take on picnics was Baby Cheesecakes - easy to make, and easy to transport in the ice chest.

Baby Cheesecakes
12 vanilla wafers
2 eggs
16 oz. cream cheese (neuftachel works great)
1/2 C sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
grated lemon rind

Place 1 vanilla wafer in each cup of paper lined muffin tin. Combine eggs, cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla and mix thoroughly at medium speed. Pour over wafers. Sprinkle with lemon rind. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes. Refrigerate. OPT. Add 1/2 c. melted chocolate chips to make chocolate cheesecakes.

I was looking on Pinterest for some fun picnicy sewing projects, and look what I found!

An insulated picnic bag
Source: sewmamasew.com via Noah on Pinterest

A picnic quilt

Fun huh? Do you have a picnic or table project to link up? Or a recipe that is picnic-worthy? Link up right here. And remember, the linky is open through the month, so when inspiration hits, it's there.

I have a little surprise for you for next Tuesday! A Quilter's Table's will have its very first guest post, by someone near and dear to me! Hope you can join us!


  1. Great advice from your son! I was all set to make that picnic tote this weekend but JoAnn's didn't have any Insul-bright. Major bummer. Can't wait to see more picnic goodness this month. If I can get a little time today I'll link up a post!

  2. That is so sweet about your son and I completely agree with him! I like cooking together too and your cheesecakes seem like a perfect recipe to do so. I hope to have something to link up by the end of the month!

  3. Mmm, I love baby cheesecakes! Great idea for using the wafer as a base! And your son is absolutely right.

  4. I have a recipe very much like this, that my sister actually served at her wedding 10yrs ago - blueberry version though!

  5. Yum! And those are cute projects too.

  6. I agree---- eat together. When all the kids were home, we had 8 every night around the table. Always a good way to stay close. Thanks for sharing debbie

  7. Yum! Those baby cheesecakes look great!!

  8. My mother brought little cheesecakes like these to every family function and everyone looked forward to them. She would top them with blueberry or cherry pie filling. My sister and I have updated this by using fresh fruit on top using a little melted apple jelly as glaze (and glue!).
    Linda F.

  9. Yummy little cheesecakes. Wish I had one right now! Wise words from your son, you raised him well :)

  10. Oooh, yummy! And great advice from your son, we ate together every morning and night as I grew up, during the week at the dining room table, and at weekends we got to have our dinner on wee tables in front of the TV

  11. Mmm..cheesecake! We always ate together as a family when I was growing up; so did my husband with his family, so we raised our kids the same way. Our kids' spouses were different in that regard, but they all say they love coming for family dinner!

  12. MMmmm, I love cheesecake! I am gluten free now, and I bet there are gluten free cookies I can use. I love picnics, but haven't been on one in ages. I'm going to plan one for this weekend now! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  13. I need to make some of these right now!!