Wednesday, July 9, 2014

2014 Finish-A-Long: Q3 List

Boy, even making another Finish-A-Long list can put pressure on. Or maybe it's just me. There's plenty more rolling around in my head, but I'm sure hoping these 4 get done.

I started another Postcard Quilt. This one won't be huge, but considering The Postcard Quilt Along is underway, I for sure wanted to keep sewing along. There are 36 postcard blocks ready to go, so piecing the top shouldn't take long.

I also started another Spiraled Quilt. Still debating whether to make it less scrappy than the last. I have plenty of the subway map and text prints this time, so I may just use those as my main prints. Thoughts?

There are 2 table runners in the plans for my sister-in-law. Mom helped choose some cool solids, and I'll be adapting a pattern from We Love Color by Susanne Woods. Some dense quilting has also been requested, so looking forward to getting going on this.

This last one is a bit of a gamble, as it consists of blocks from one of my bee quilts. The gamble is these Postcard Blocks are FAITH Circle's July project, so the blocks have just started coming in. I'm hopeful though, that this one can have a quick turn around once I have all the pieces in hand.

So those are the "must-do's" . . . though you know darn well other projects will sneak their way into the line-up!

Linking up with Finish-A-Long Q3 and W.i.P. Wednesday.


  1. Although I luv the spiral scrappy look, the subway fabric with the red really speaks to me. Looks like some fun projects headed your way!

  2. Looks like your projects will be keeping you busy! They look like fun.

  3. Oh you will totally get all of those done! I can't wait to see how your bee postcard quilt comes together!

  4. Seriously Debbie . . . how many hours a week do you sew? You always have so much going on.

  5. I love the spiral wip. The subway fabric is such a cool background...I am now about to delve into my stash and pull my piece of this have me looking at it in a different way.

  6. I soooo want to start a Postcard Quilt - I love your version! As for the spiral I love a busy background and that subway print is dynamite. Keeps the eye moving. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  7. Hi Debbie! I recognized your HST quilt in the finish along link up. Good luck on your list ; )

  8. You will rock these! And I cant wait to see the other 'little' projects you do along the way :))