Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fresh Sewing Day

Chalk it up to vacation time away and jet lag that was difficult to recover from, but face it, I didn't spend much time in the studio last month. Finally, as an attempt to find that sewjo again, I started a new project, and that really helped.

So my Mini Saltwater earned the credit for getting me going again, and it was fun to boot.

Bee blocks were a good next step - entertaining but not too taxing.

And then, I had to get serious. I was scheduled to participate in Selfish Sewing Week, for which I'd decided to make a Brookfield Bag, pattern by Sara Lawson. That process was quite enjoyable and kept me on task last week. Once it was done, I felt 'back to normal'. yay.

Next was an unplanned apron for my granddaughter.

And finally, I just finished binding my latest Spiraled quilt, which I'll share more about yet this week.

Soooo, the month started out dragging, but I think it finished up ok!

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  1. Your productivity always amazes me! I look forward to seeing Spiralled in all its quilty goodness!

  2. love the color choices for that mini saltwater! and I always love your spiraled quilts....

  3. I think you were super productive considering how little time you were actually home!

  4. I think you got quite a lot done. And I totally understand the feeling of dragging. I often have times where I'd just rather take a nap.

  5. Oh, I'm loving your Brookfield bag. I just made myself a bag, too (mainly b/c I was avoiding a quilt project!). So glad you got your sewing groove back on!

  6. I LOVE your mini quilt at the top! You always make such gorgeous things!

  7. Better than OK. Really admire how you mix it up with projects. I'm due a travel handmade right about now and haven't make any gratifying little bits since the Zakka Sew Along such a shame.

  8. Love the quilting on your spiraled quilt. Sometimes it takes me a while to get back into sewing after a break. I usually just have to make myself sit down at it, then once I get started the urge comes back and I don't even want to stop for food!