Monday, May 25, 2015

Houses on a Hill

I'm not really sure why getting going on this month's Bee Sewcial assignment stumped me even more than usual. I do know that Marci/Marci Girl Designs specifically asked us to approach the task using structured improvised piecing (her term). In my words, draw a plan, then implement it improv-style. Drawing the plan was the hardest part for me, but finally, here's what I drafted. I wasn't thrilled with it, but it was a start.
OK. So when I went at it with my fabric and rotary cutter, things grew out of hand quickly! I had intended to add a second level to my block below, but after getting this far and measuring it (28.5" long x 9"-12" tall) then conferring with Marci, I chose to let it stand alone as block #1. She assured me she was fine with the odd length as well as the curve along the top.
That little house on the far left is my favorite portion of the whole strip, so I decided to make one more little neighbor house, just for fun. This one measures roughly 7" square.

Whew. I survived another month! And June is mine, so stay tuned! For my own sake, I'm listing my previous posts about Bee Sewcial here.

Feel free to watch the #BeeSewcial hashtag on Instagram to see what we're up to. Back in January when we started, I commented that "we just might be going where no bee has gone before . . ." That came to mind when I saw that The Modern Quilt Guild had mentioned Bee Sewcial in their recent announcement of the Member Charity Challenge and the element of "improv with intent". Apparently we're up to something interesting!


  1. Hi Debbie! Looks fantastic fun! I think this idea would lead to an amazing quilt! I just started NEW quilt with less colours than usually and love it. How there appeared some houses, don't have any idea. Thank you again for inspiration! x Teje

  2. LOL "I survived another month" - I definitely understand that feeling. But you know what? Each month I've had the "OMG I have no idea what to do why did they invite me to this bee I'm the weakest link she's going to hate this helllllppppp" thoughts, only to discover that I love what I made. And I love what you made, too. :)

  3. Your improv is always so amazing, Debbie!

  4. Fun to see the evolution of the block. You've accomplished the spirit and playfulness of your drawing very well. Looking forward to what challenge is in store for us in June.

  5. So interesting to see your process! They came out great!