Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday at the Table

Surfing for something new and interesting to watch while I sew, I recently happened upon Chef's Table on Netflix. It's a documentary consisting of just 6 episodes, each showcasing a single chef. It's touted as "a love letter to great chefs and the food they create; it's an inspirational look at truly inspirational people."

Now I'm only a few episodes into the series, but already I'm so fascinated. These are really gifted and thoughtful chefs that have been given the limelight here. From around the world, they are creating unique and spectacular food. Though I've enjoyed some pretty impressive meals in my day, they've been nothing quite like these. And never have I had the privilege to know and appreciate their backstory in quite this way.

So if you just plain love good food and the people who make it, I think you might enjoy Chef's Table too.

Read more about Chef's Table here.


  1. my brother told me about the serious and I've started watching it...so good and yummy makes me wish i had all kinds of money and time on my hands to travel to these places

  2. Just finished watching that series - SO GOOD!