Friday, March 25, 2016


If I've told you once, I've told you a dozen times. Facing a new Bee Sewcial prompt strikes an equal amount of excitement and trepidation and March was no different. Hillary/Entropy Always Wins chose the theme of "Layers" and provided a "Foreground/Background" Pinterest board as inspiration.

She also requested the most stunningly beautiful Kona solids, giving us a photo promt as well - Background: (Turquoise/Blues) Cyan, Breakers, Capri, Robin Egg or similar with or without traces of black and Foreground: (Oranges/Greys/White) School Bus, Carrot, Flame, Ash, Medium Grey or similar and traces of Papaya, White. It was these colors that really called me to face my uncertainly and get going on my blocks.

Both of my blocks contain elements found in Hillary's pin board, the first inspired by a Kazimir Malevich piece. The block finished at 14" x 15.5", and I felt pretty successful in creating layers, as if the oranges and white were a suspension bridge of sorts floating above the blues.

It was a mixed-media work by Rudolf Bauer using connected shapes that gave me elements for my second block, which is 9" x 16." This block doesn't seem quite as cohesive as the first, in my mind, but I still really like it. One important success here is I finally attempted a "six-minute circle!" The first (the large one below) took me close to 15 minutes, but the smaller one actually did take six minutes max. Way cool. Here's a link to a video tutorial, though just a note that Hillary told me she didn't use the freezer paper when she made them, so I tried it without and it worked just fine. If you haven't tried it yet, you really should, and add the technique to your arsenal.

So yay. Another month conquered!

You can see more blocks at #beesewcial, and feel free to sew along with #inspiredbybeesewcial.


  1. This grouping of blocks has been very inspiring; I can't wait to see what Hillary does with them. :) Beautiful work, Debbie.

  2. these are cool. very challenging!

  3. Great blocks ! Especially the first one.

  4. I really love the first block! And just watched the circle tutorial so I might have to try that.

  5. Great blocks, and I really like the colors. Thanks for the link to the circle tutorial - that looks easy and fun. I'll have to try that!