Monday, March 14, 2016

Quite the View

I haven't had a quilt finish in a few weeks, but boy do these pictures make me want one so I can go out on a photoshoot myself! Are you getting any ideas where to take your next quilt when you're ready for that one last step?

Sew Bee It by Ellyn/ellyn's place [ellynz]

Woodland Animals Baby Quilt by Yvonne/Quilting Jetgirl [quiltingjetgirl]

Jan's Flower Patch by Jenny/Jen's Crafts and Quilts Scrapbook [jencoy111]

Belville by Adrianne/Little Bluebell [littlebluebell]

As always, you'll find more beauties in my Photoshoots pin board.


  1. I'm itching for a few new finishes and springtime here so I can take more photos. Soon soon I hope.

  2. With the days getting shorter here, its more a trick to get a photo of a block or two before the sun sets for the day!

  3. I constantly sigh over the beautiful photo ops...good idea to start a pinterest board.

  4. I love seeing where everyone takes their photos! Thanks for including mine this time.

  5. So pretty! It really takes some thought and a patient helper, doesn't it :)

  6. I'm always on the look out for a new photo spot, and I have lots of options… but no nerve. I just can't make myself get over the embarrassment of making s public spectacle of myself while trying to take a picture. Any suggestions for getting over myself?!