Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday at the Table

Something unrelated to sewing has been going on behind the scenes the last several weeks, and now that I've survived to tell about it, I thought I would. The short version: our family went on Whole30. Not really a weight-loss program, it's more "a short-term nutritional reset." (And if you're already bored, I get it. Back to quilty posts tomorrow, ok?) But I'm psyched enough to risk sharing here just a bit. Besides losing 10# (big yay), personally I just plain feel better and have a whole lot less unhealthy cravings. 30 days and we're all in a much better place.

  • I didn't miss bread or pasta as much as I though I would. Like at all. 
  • I'm not craving sweets. This from someone who previously had a piece of dark chocolate after dinner pretty much every night. 
  • What I expected to miss the most, I did - my morning latte. In fact if I felt anything negative at all, it was a bit of a caffeine-deficiency, because I really don't care for coffee without a hit of dairy. But I survived!
  • I've become a strong proponent of the Mason Jar Salad. Oh yeah! I actually looked forward to one every day for lunch, and didn't even feel deprived. Plus they're fun to make and I have noticed some jealousy from my coworkers.
  • I've rediscovered some joy in cooking, which is a good thing!

  • Whole30 website and book - Both are comprehensive resources.
  • Pinterest - SO much there.
  • The Tasty Remedy - Not really a Whole30 site, but my friend Suzie has alot of recipes that either worked or were easily adaptable.

Going Forward:
So I'm in the reintroduction phase now, where food items I'd eliminated come back one at a time. Then we'll enjoy Easter with the family, then back on program. Don't worry, I'm stepping down from my soapbox now, but this has been such a good thing for our family that I wanted to give it a shout-out. Over and out!


  1. Thank you for sharing your testimony about Whole 30! And your salads are very pretty! Do I spy a little red cabbage and bell pepper?

  2. Debbie you weren't even near a soapbox! Really interesting post. I eat chocolate everyday and not a little piece either and I decided to give it up six weeks ago and much to my surprise I didn't miss it a bit. It's funny isn't it how that can happen. Good for you and your family. Well done x

  3. Thanks so much for sharing. I've been thinking about giving Whole 30 a try and you might have just persuaded me to finally give it a go :). Thank you.

  4. I wish you were friends with my high school friend (we're 54) on Facebook so you could follow along on her transformation. She had the worst or best (depending on how you looked at it!) eating habits and went cold turkey on Whole 30. She's a nurse and stands on her feet all day. She felt effects immediately and had great results. She went off for her birthday but immediately back on because she slept so much better and felt better. Good luck!

  5. How great to read this! I've not done Whole 30, but I do follow The Fast Metabolism which sounds very similar - it's basically clean eating using a cycle. I'll check out some of the resources you suggest.

  6. I did the Whole 30 thing a few years ago and discovered I was gluten intolerant when I added back foods so now I eat a Paleo diet for the most part. I feel so much better.

  7. I'm glad you shared! Thank you for the resources. I tried the mason jar salads and they are a favorite here too.

  8. Thanks for sharing! I've been thinking about trying this, but I really need to read up on/about it first, plus I'm not sure that I could get my husband on board.

  9. Congrats on the weight loss!
    I'm still keeping my weight loss off--feels good! Likewise no cravings...until recently. Sugar is poison! My mantra.
    I'm going to look at this mason jar salad thing--looks interesting...as well as your diet plan.

  10. Good for you, Debbie! Congrats on making a healthy change. I think I would really miss my morning mocha too.

  11. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed your inspirational post.

  12. I am so impressed. I need to do something like this but I think my husband would protest! I need to lose 20 pounds here quickly before the summer comes but more importantly I love the idea of eating simply. Congrats!