Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Slab Two :: Improv Triangles

I was so pleased with how my improv string slab turned out last month for the #seaSLABbom, that I couldn't wait to get going on March's assignment, improv triangles.

Since this whole block of the month project is about trying new improv techniques, I explored every triangle I could think of. Matt, our project leader, started us off with two tutorials: Ants to Sugar's Little Tents and Improv Stripped Geese by Little Ms. Sew-Unsew. My experiment continued with HST, HRT, and tall and skinny. I especially like the scrappy ones in the upper left, using my string scraps from last month. Puzzling blocks like these together takes a while, but again, the resultant slab, measuring 17"x30", makes me very happy.

Fabrics are all Kona Cotton Solids: Pickle, Wasabi, Highlight, Fog, Oyster, Bone, Natural.


  1. I love to think of improv as working on a puzzle, and this one came together beautifully.

  2. This looks amazing! I'm really in love with it! I'm off to clean my sewing room (it's about to burst...) and then try to get on mine!

  3. Inspiring ~ and thank you for the links to the 2 tutorials, it's always interesting to try and understand how things are made.

  4. Oh man!!! This just lights me on fire!! I'm loving the inspiration your challenges bring! :) xx!