Friday, December 30, 2016

From the Maker

As always, the #2016bestnine and the Best of 2016 don't tell the whole story, not the real story as the maker knows it. Which is why I'm always compelled, at the year's end, to glance back and look for what I liked best, those creations that are so much more than a pretty quilt.... those that have struggle and wonder and pride stitched into them.

Though I usually post several tutorials a year, those I especially enjoyed this year were a handful of improv block tutorials - with which both Faith Circle and Seattle MQG made giving quilts. I liked that.

Some of my very favorite sewing has been when I sewed just to see where an idea would take me. Those times can be where I doubt myself the most, but when things turn out, they are some of the most satisfying.

And then there was Crosscut. What started out as bee swap blocks turned into more FUN exploration, and even my hosting my first Instagram sew-along. Talk about good times! 

There were other shining moments....
  • Dabbling in improv more than ever before. I start to crave it when it's been too long, and though sometimes unsettling, it has brought alot of joy to my sewing.
  • Mod Mood winning first place in the group category at QuiltCon! That was one terrific day for Bee Sewcial, and for me.
  • And then selling my first quilt. It wasn't a goal necessarily, but it was a landmark moment just the same.
  • The Scrap Basket newletter, which goes mostly out into a quiet void, but the readership continues to grow and I hear affirmation from a consistent bunch.
  • Sharing That One Last Step, encouraging others to do their finished quilts the honor of a proper photoshoot. It's such a good thing.
  • Adding to my sewing machine family, which has done so much to help me improve my machine quilting
There's more of course. So much more that has made this one terrific year of creating and community. But it's what comes to mind in this moment, and it's certainly more than enough.


  1. I agree with your choices. String Song is among my favorites of your quilts!

  2. When you look back, it's a pretty fantastic year! (Although I will always claim to be your first quilt purchaser.) Loved your tutorials, especially Crosscut. And I'm in the silent void but I adore the excellent curation of the newsletter!

  3. you've had a stellar year! I think you've become stronger and stronger in your point of view. I loved the cross cut quilt along. And always look forward to your newsletter. well done!

  4. What a great year you had! I just love those projects and look forward to more fun adventures in 2017!

  5. Your Scrap leather is absolutely amazing. Totally makes me want to drop everything and give it a try. Thanks for all your generosity and inspiration. happy 2017!!!

  6. You had a fantastic year, and I love getting these recaps to remind me of how much is accomplishes, one small bit at a time. I hope your 2017 is wonderful. Happy New Year!