Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Curated Quilts Now and Then

You'll figure out soon enough that part of this post should have been up a while ago - like months and months ago. Not sure why it got delayed but there's reason enough to include it now.

So the House issue of Curated Quilts is hitting mailboxes now, and I was pretty stoked to see my little Hus quilt in its pages. It's kinda funny, since when I finished this mini for the CQ mini challenge, I really wasn't feeling it was too successful. So it was a happy surprise when it was chosen for publication. But there it is! And it 'fits' in just fine, now that I see the collection together.

It's been fun being included in an issue now and again, and what I failed to share a while back was my visit to the Curated Quilts booth at QuiltCon in Pasadena.

Photo by Danielle/@thecreativeimperative; used by permission

I was pretty excited then to have a photo taken with me holding issues I'd had quilts in....

especially my first published article, Take a Spin With Improv in Issue 02. I'd actually taken two of my sample improv log cabin pincushions, one each for Amy Ellis and Christine Ricks, the women behind the journal!

It was fun meeting them, and getting a photo along with my friend Louise/@imfeelincrafty. Louise's mini is actually hanging right behind us! It's right above the journal in the photo above - with the yellowish binding. See?

So sorry for going aldéjà vu on you in this post, but in a roundabout way, it all 'fits' with my mini being shown in the current issue. Or maybe it's just me!

If you haven't seen a copy of Curated Quilts yet, do! The journal is beautifully created, and always packed with inspiring work from makers in our community.


  1. It definitely all fits! Congratulations on having another mini featured in the Curated Quilts mini challenge. Do you know if they will be vending at QuiltCon again?

  2. Congrats! I've always liked this mini of yours! Loved seeing QC pictures!

  3. Congrats in being in another issue! Your little mini looks just right to me. I'm thinking this is another issue I'm going to have to get!