Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Dipping into Improv

Over on IGQuiltFest the other day, we were asked to share our favorite quilt book. Instead, I stacked up my favorite books on improv and shared those. Any chance you are interested in dabbling into improvisational piecing but not sure where to start? Or you've played around a bit with improv, but want to expand your skills? Either way, these are great resources to consider.

These first three are where I started!
The next several helped me add to my improv toolkit.
And this last one is brand new, a great place to begin, and also has a couple of things I'll be trying.
Any other improv resources to suggest? Let me know!


  1. Even though I have not truly adopted (or adapted to) improv, I found Gwen Marsten's style very liberating early on in my traditional quilting.

  2. I think "The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters" by Sherri Lynn Wood is another great book on Improv! But I have several of the ones in your stack :)

  3. I second the Sherri Lynn Wood book. It's the only quilt book I've bought and there's so much in it.

  4. Oh, it's surprising to me that you don't have Sherri Lynn Wood's improv book. As I own only two improv books - the other is "Improvising Tradition" by Alexander Ledgerwood - I refer often to Sherri Lynn's book. As you know, I haven't come close to mastering the contents of either book, but I'm taking some advice from @shecanquilt Leanne who suggested that I do a little bit of improv piecing every day. Though I'm not keeping up with a daily commitment, I am keeping up with slow improv progress. Who knows, it might turn into something.

  5. Great book selection! My go to on improv is Gwen Marston!

  6. I second your book list! I have most all of these, Gwen is my #1 idol and got me started on this path 20 years ago before it had a name...I love love love Maria Shell and Cindy Grisdela. Yes to Sherry Lynn Wood - she has a unique process. Just did a class with her and it was WONDERFUL!!!!!