Friday, March 8, 2019

QuiltCon 2019 :: The Charity Quilts

When arriving at QuiltCon, the first thing I wanted to see was Seattle MQG's charity quilt, The Last Hurrah. And excuse me, but it looked mighty good!

Unfortunately, my giving committee co-chair, Louise/@imfeelincrafty wasn't able to travel to QuiltCon this year, so we did the best we could to include her in a photo with the quilt.

We totally wish there was a book made with all the quilts from the charity quilt challenge, they're that good! I'm not even sure I saw them all, but here are some I especially liked.


See what I mean? Beautiful, and such a variety of interpretations on the theme.


  1. The variety and beauty of the charity quilts was stunning indeed!

  2. Thanks for sharing Debbie. I agree with you about the charity book idea. I've always thought the charity quilts are some of the best in the show and really demonstrate the creativity of all the guilds and how very diverse the results of a common color palette and theme can end up being.

  3. I really like Tennessee MQG's Modern Basket.
    And Seattle MQG's Last Hurrah is also beautiful, an impressive group effort.
    In the last photo the quilts all compliment each other, worth documenting I agree.

  4. there were so many awesome ones this year, I agree! & yours did look mighty good!

  5. Awesome quilts! There was even one from Ontario, Canada - Yay :)!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful showing of quilts!

  6. WOW! They are so spectacular. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring.