Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Kentucky Barn Quilts

Following QuiltCon, hubby, mom, and I headed west, out of the city, into rural Tennessee, to spend a few days with family. To our surprise, along the way, we happened upon a barn quilt!

[Max Rogers' barn with Mariner Compass. Max says, “My dad used to tell the story that the family who lived here in the thirties had a teenage son. One night some cardsharks got him in a game and cleaned him out. Sometime later, they came back to get him in another game. But this time, the dad came to the door. He told them 'Last time you got the boy but tonite you got the old man.' That night the dad won enough from the men to build this stockbarn. I have been sure to maintain it. I chose this pattern simply because it appealed to me.”]

So one day we ventured out with my brother, looking for more quilts. It wasn't until after we returned home that I realized we had been traveling along the Calloway County Quilt Trail. Most of the barns pictured here were along Route 94 in south western Kentucky, not far from the state border with Tennessee. Note that all names and details in brackets are from the quilt trail website. Other notes are my own.

[The Wilson barn with a patriotic quilt. This quilt was painted by the Wilsons and given as a gift and to honor Don’s dad, Jimmy Wilson. Don had the clever idea to outline the stripes using auto striping tape. This turned out to be the perfect solution.]

No information, but the quilt is one of my favorites, as it really shows its age, doesn't it?

No information.

[Mark Jetton Poultry Farm, Farmington KY. The setting of this barn and its Log Cabin block makes it another one of my favorites.]

[Butterworth Barn, Murray KY.]

We pulled off the road to get a photo of this quilt near Murray KY, and the homeowner, Alisha Cherry, happened to walk into the yard. A quilter herself, she painted their barn quilt.

No information

[Tidwell Tobacco Farm, Lynnville KY.]

Pretty cool, right? Looking for these barns made for a fun family outing. Hope you enjoyed seeing them too!


  1. So cool. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. I love barn quilts! Thanks for sharing these in their wonderful settings.

  3. Several counties in TN and KY have barn quilt trails. Check the literature racks at interstate welcome centers for maps and information.

  4. Thanks, Debbie, I certainly enjoyed the quilt barn tour, especially it's highly unlikely I will ever get there in real life! I really like the last one.

  5. I really like the idea of adding artwork to buildings like barns, and quilts as art makes them even more special.

  6. Love seeing the beautiful barn quilts! Thanks so much for sharing them.

  7. So enjoyed this lovely tour of barn quilts. My husband surprised me - and made a pinwheel 'barn quilt' for me. I didn't even realize he's paying attention to the names of blocks around him. I guess - if you can't beat them, join them :)!

  8. What a fun adventure!! There's no getting away from quilting in some way or's everywhere!! I love the aged one as well. It screams history!

  9. What a pretty ride through the countryside and decorated with quiltblocks!!! Wonderful!!

  10. Thanks for sharing these. We only saw one on our way down from Indy.

  11. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing.
    Sounds like an exciting family adventure, lucky you!

  12. I was noticing barn quilts in east Tennessee while I was back visiting family this past week. I love that you were able to get some details on some of them and the aged and weathered one is probably my favorite but they are all wonderful and its a delight to come around a corner while driving to see one!