Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Home in the PNW

It's not my norm to repost here what I share in my newsletter, but considering Laura/Vacilando Quilt Co. and I didn't connect on my including her photos until after the newsletter went to press, I told her I'd share here, and I'm happy to do so.

Blackberry Quilt [photos courtesy of Vacilando Quilting; used by permission]

Because last weekend when Laura launched her PNW Collection, I watched her latest Instagram Story, and it really moved me. For one, living in the PNW [Pacific Northwest] as I do, I had been to many of the places she visited before, and knew their beauty for myself.

Two, it was ages ago that she was here, inspired by what she saw, and the new collection evolved from there. For her to bring that collection back to the PNW for a photoshoot, I thought, was extra special.

So check it all out - the story, the quilts and her words about them - and you'll get a feel for the part of the country I call home.

If you'd like to continue to explore her style, Laura also has a book, Simple Geometric Quilting.
Here's the latest issue of The Scrap Basket if you'd like to read more.


  1. what lovely quilts in a beautiful setting. someday I want to visit your area again. It's been so many years...

  2. I always dream that if I move back to the States I would move to the PNW. I don't really know it at all, but just feel like it would be my right “spot.”

    Thanks for sharing her pieces and inspiration!

  3. These are all beautiful quilts, and the settings are awesome to showcase them. It almost seems like you can see through the white spaces in the Rialto quilt.