Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Sewing up something small really is a breath of fresh air when you're surrounded by larger projects, and it's been a joy to make a few quick little makes over the last couple of weeks.

Another pop open pouch was fun - the third one I've made so far, including the one I made for myself and enjoy using as a makeup bag. The details on this little bag really shine, and I have no doubt I'll make even more.

I had high hopes for making more heart projects before Valentine's Day, but alas, I just managed one. It was a striped heart, The You & Me quilt block by Ellis & Higgs, which I started when my grandgirl was over. I had her choose all the fabric, which in itself was fun, and I was proud of her thoughtful choices. A few days layer, she was excited to see that I'd finished it, but that might have been where her excitement ended, but whatever, I had fun making it.

Finally, another Wee Braw Bag, pattern by Sweet Cinnamon Roses, this time for our teenage goddaughter. It was fun choosing fabrics for her, and I settled on a long-stashed piece of Far Far Away III by Heather Ross paired with some Alison Glass' Kaleidoscope in Pomegranate. I wasn't totally sure if the contrast was too much, but she seemed to like it, and I know my Instagram friends sure did.

I'm mulling over what's next. Considering I just finished a long-term project AND quilting a big quilt, I think I deserve a little diversion.


  1. These are all fabulous, I love working with small projects as I finally get to finish something! x

  2. Very cute collection of little projects. I think it's great to mix it up, helps the creative juices.

  3. I love the first bag ;)!! It's always a nice change of pace to make something small in between large quilts. In many ways it recharges my batteries! I've got several quilts that need to be quilted, or finished quilting this week. But really I'd rather not...

  4. The wee braw bag is great, I love the contrast. I think I’ll have to make a pop open pouch, too. You are so right about small quick projects being a breath of fresh air.

  5. I love all these - the wee braw bag is just awesome. And I agree, making these little things is so much fun when you've been focusing on much bigger projects for a while.

  6. diversion is always fun! great little finishes (guess who is catching up on blog posts post-quiltcon)