Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Improv Kintsugi

These uncertain times resulted in, among other things, a cancellation of a planned quilt retreat this week, and a restlessness about what to even work on here at home. I finally settled on a table-topper of sorts for a vintage table in our living room that needed a little protection.

I flipped through Nicholas/@quiltsfromtheattic's Inspiring Improv to see what else might be fun to try and boy did I find it. Actually, I found a couple of things and asked hubby to pick one. That helped me settle on Improv Kintsugi - another thing I knew nothing about!

Picking fabric was really fun, as I worked to coordinate with our living room. I came up with an assortment of Carolyn Friedlander prints in brown and orange, a beautifully rich Kaleidoscope Persimmon from Alison Glass, and for a background, a textural Natural Essex Yarn Dyed Homespun.

Soooo, after measuring my table's top, I figured out that a 4 X 7 arrangement of 6" finished blocks would be perfect. So that's where I am now, piecing them together and thinking about quilting. This kind of diversion is the best!


  1. Great color palette! I think that having something to sew is very soothing for my mind right now, and I really like that you chose to make something immediately functional for you.

    1. How much fun is that? Super exciting possibilities.

      As the saying goes, 'Sometimes out of constraint comes opportunity.'

  2. I love those colors! I am doing a quilt along with Bonnie Hunter and Gudrun from GEDesigns starting Sunday. In the meantime, I am gathering all the fabrics I want to use and prepping them for Sunday. I'm loving all the distractions the quilting world online has offered. It's the perfect thing for these days, and leaves me feeling I am not so alone in my quarantine. Thank you for sharing your project, it's going to be beautiful.

  3. Love your kintsugi-like example with textiles instead of ceramics!

  4. well that's incredible. now I want to play with that technique too. sigh

  5. Love your blocks and the technique looks fun. Also the small learning session over on wiki :) Stay safe and sane - lots of love xo Melanie

  6. This is gorgeous! I need to find out more about Kintsugi and how to do this technique!

  7. I love your project and improv. So now I have something new to try. My quilting retreat was cancelled also. With you in spirit, Sue

  8. This is stunning Debbie! I love the colours - this is going to be awesome as a table topper.