Friday, March 27, 2020

Pear Pouch + Scissors Cozy

In amongst everything else, I've squeezed in a couple of zipper pouches lately, one specifically for myself, the other just because. First off, I tried Sarah Kirsten's Pear Pouch tutorial purely because I was intrigued that it was constructed with French seams.

So no leaving a hole in the lining to turn and stitch later. What a nice option, right? And it leaves you with a beautifully clean finish.

Plus I added a leather label made with my alphabet leather stamps. Yeah, I slipped a little on that last "D" but it just proves the point, or at least that's what I tell myself. ha.

Also happened across SOTAK Handmade's Scissors Cozy tutorial the other day, which I've made several times, but never for myself, and I have no idea why, because I actually needed one. So I remedied that in no time.

For both of these projects, it felt good to just grab a bit of favorite fabric from the stash and have something to show for myself just an hour or so later. That kind of sewing is always refreshing.


  1. French seams make a very tidy and smart finish. I really like the double punched D myself. :)

  2. nice projects! French seams would never have occurred to me to finish the lining, but what a great idea.

  3. I agree with Yvonne, 'French seams make a very tidy and smart finish.' She nailed it.
    Beautiful work.
    I think bags, purses, big or small are fascinating in methods of construction and fashion statements they make. One of my fav books is Yoko Saito's book 'Patchwork Bags and Accessories'.
    It's not that I plan on making all the projects but looking at how the projects were constructed and the fabric choices is inspiring and gives my mind a kind of reset.

  4. What a lovely way to finish a bag lining. I plan on giving that a try - thanks for the link! Your bags are great! And I love your slightly wonky D!

  5. so nice to make some little treats for yourself. your leather tags are my favorite.

  6. French seams are such a good idea! I use them all the time for garment sewing but it never occurred to me for the lining of a pouch! I love both your little makes. I hope you are well and safe!