Monday, August 10, 2020

Flex Case + Petunia Pouch

Recently, I wanted to make a small gift, and when looking around for something I hadn't made before, I came across the Flex Case in Aneela Hoey's Stitch & Sew: Beautifully Embroider 31 Projects. I was drawn to it by the hand-stitching, and measuring 4 1/2" x 8" x 3/8", I at first thought it was an eyeglass case. And it could indeed be used as that, though its size might be somewhat generous. So I think it could be much more functional than that. 

I used Wash Away Stitch Stabilizer to mark where my handwork would go, and that worked really well. I had used something similar years ago so it was a bit déjà vu, and the stitching was enjoyable, making it up as I went.

Using Indigo Essex Yarn Dyed for the base cloth gave the case some nice structure. And installing my very first bag frame clasp was a cinch - who knew!?

Then this last weekend, I needed a quick finish, just because. Trying Svetlana/SOTAK Handmade's Petunia Pouch had been on my to-do list ever since she published it, so that seemed a logical choice. And it was an enjoyable and pretty quick sew! 

I hit pay dirt with the scallop print from Carolyn's Harriot for the pouch exterior. After making the pouch once, I know next time how I'd adjust the placement of that scallop a little better, but still. I think it's an inspired choice for this pouch. Though you can barely see it, the lining of the bag is from the Doe collection - I love how nicely Carolyn's different lines mix and match so well.

So both of those projects I'd made again.... and maybe I have [wink]. Very fun little makes.


  1. Carolyn's lines are lovely to mix and match. The bag frame clasp makes for a very tidy finish!

  2. Fun projects! Great finish and I like your embroidery.

  3. beautiful bags! I love them both

  4. hello == can you tell me where you bought the snap clasp. thank you

  5. What charming gifts! You're right that the snap clasp pouch is something different. You've got my mind whirling with gift possibilities! Like LynneUSA above, I'd like to know where you obtained your supplies. Thanks!

  6. Here is a link to the snap clasps: