Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Subtle Secrets

Well THIS was interesting! I was intrigued enough when Felicity/@felicityquilts announced her Bee Sewcial prompt for the month - Subtle Secrets. Wonky, ruler-free improv blocks based on traditional quilt patterns sounded like a good challenge, but it was Felicity's choice of colors that really caught my interest.... We were asked to use "two shades of white for one of the blocks, and two shades of the darkest color in [our] stash such as black, grey or blue for the other."

My first block is a Monkey Wrench (aka Snail's Trail) block in two blacks, Kona black and pepper.

The second is Jacob's Ladder in Kona snow and Michael Miller Cotton Couture in soft white, which believe it or not, I did press really well.

Anyway, I enjoyed this prompt alot! I'm anxious to see more blocks, and of course, this quilt put together. I was surprised how much I loved the resultant blocks, especially the black with black. Despite how they look in my photos, in person the two-tone is very subtle (yay!) but visible.


  1. This prompt reminds me a bit of nano IRO. Interesting to see the subtle differences between the same color. I wonder what's going on with the difficulty pressing. Do you think it might be the difference in hand/thickness of the two brands?

  2. I'm going to be on the lookout to see how this quilt comes together! So interesting!

  3. What an interesting request for blocks. With each block being somewhat indistinguishable, when the top was put together, I'd probably be adding lots of colorful big stitch hand quilting so as to emphasize what can't be seen!