Saturday, December 19, 2020

Not to Be

So QuiltCon Together acceptance letters went out yesterday, and I had a mixed (but overall happy) outcome. And I was preparing to share about all of it in this post, but I've noticed that this year, alot of folks are holding back on sharing their acceptances, and just sharing their 'rejects'. That's due to the nature of the 2021 quilt show being virtual. So I think I'll follow their lead and let you be surprised. But here are two of my quilts that will not be in the show in February:

Cutting Corners was entered in the Improvisational category, and I kind of expected it not to make the cut. Total fabric-play, this one, and made entirely of scraps, it still makes me very happy.

Modular was entered in the Group category, as it was made in conjunction with Bee Sewcial, the improv, solid-only bee I'm a part of. I'll admit I was really hoping this one would get in, as I'm very pleased and proud of the finish. But maybe another day....

So if you're on Instagram, do take a look through the #quiltconreject hashtag. We know they can't all get in, and this infamous 'show' is always spectacular.


  1. I love both of these... heck, I love all of your quilts! can't wait to see which ones are in the show

  2. I save little triangle pieces that are cut when trimming binding pieces together- have little bags of them- that cutting corners looks like a great project for all your creativity!

  3. Every quilt you make is QuiltCon-worthy, so I don't know how jurors could overlook these two. Congratulations on having quilts accepted. You're the bomb!

  4. Congrats on all your quilts, accepted or not they are always an inspiration. Look forward to seeing the accepted ones when the time comes.