Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Year of Colour 2020

It's always fun to check out Stef Lewandowski's free tool, Year of Colour, that lets us visualize the colours that we used on Instagram during the last year. Here's mine!

Plenty of blues, golds, greens and neutrals as expected. Love the bits of red, pink (where'd that come from?) and purple on the fringes. Find yours at Year of Colour.

Also see @YearOfColour and #yearofcolour.
Just a reminder that I’m participating in a 31 day blogging challenge!


  1. I can definitely tell when I make a quilt for my nieces (more pinks and purples show up!). I really liked the option to see the color palettes by month and year, too!

  2. yup that looks like your colors! the website locks up on me every time I try to do it. boo