Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Summer Sampler 2021 :: Modern Saw

Modern Saw by Porfiria Gomez of Eat.Quilt.Pray turned out to be one of my favorite Summer Sampler 2021 blocks. It's not all the flying geese blocks (I don't enjoy making them) and it's not my fabric placement (kinda wishing I'd switched things up where those greens are all bunched together), but still. I really really like it, and I think what keeps drawing me in are those HSTs on the two sides that don't all point as one would typically expect in a Sawtooth Star. 

I realized once I was done that the photo on the pattern actually showed those blue geese pointing out, and I kind of wish I'd realized that so I could at least see what I liked best. But whatever, Modern Saw fit perfectly into my week, and it's a keeper.


  1. Having the HSTs point in unexpected directions is a really interesting and lovely element!

  2. You've got great colors going, and you're keeping up too. How much better can it get?! Keep havin' fun with these.