Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Summer Fabric Usage

You may remember that back at the end of May, I reported that I was going to step away from the monthly fabric usage posts, due to my own frustration at making any progress. Not to say that I haven't kept up keeping track, as I have. And now, nearly at summer's end, I'm happy to report for the last three months. There have been just a few purchases....

I placed one final order from my friend Kristina of Fabric Bubb before she moved to North Carolina, a sale solid, and a lovely little bundle of Diamond Textiles bolt ends. I knew those wovens would be perfect add-ins for some improv quilts.

In fact, a few of them worked their way into Octo. They have such a beautiful hand and add lovely texture to any project. 

Another purchase was made to help fill out what was needed for the Bowtie baby quilt, so that felt justified, as it's destined to become a gift. Included was the first quilt back I've purchased for ages, since I usually piece together backs from stash. 

And lastly, I felt some urgency in finding additional fabrics for the QuiltCon Artisan Cotton Fabric Challenge, so I went ahead and ordered a few yards.

So not too much, and I actually survived July without buying a thing! Overall, I'm feeling good about the summer. Here are the stats:

June Fabric Usage
Used up: 11.40 yards
Brought in: 8.25 yards
Net: -3.15 yards
Year to date: 5.5 yards

July Fabric Usage
Used up: 5.07 yards
Brought in: 0 yards!!
Net: -5.07 yards
Year to date: .43 yards

August Fabric Usage
Used up: 6.83 yards
Brought in: 3 yards
Net: -3.83 yards
Year to date: -3.4 yards

So that's not terribly terrific, but at least there's a negative balance as of today! I feel like even though I've been sewing, the actual fabric usage hasn't been that much, and that's kind of a mystery. So maybe there's not a whole lot to celebrate, but I'm going to just the same!


  1. Having a negative balance for the year is terrific in my book!

  2. You're doing great, Debbie! Slowly but surely your picking away at your stash. A gradual reduction is a positive, by my way of thinking. Good for you!

  3. I absolutely love Diamond Textile fabrics.

  4. A negative balance year-to-date is a win as far as I’m concerned! 😊

  5. You inspired me to start keeping up with my fabric usage early this year and I love it!
    I've finally gotten in the negative numbers and I'm going to stay there!

  6. OK, I have to ask...how exactly do you measure your usage? I frequently use scraps instead of yardage and am really interested in the math. If you have already covered that in another blog post, if you would give me the date I can go look it up, as opposed to you reinventing the wheel!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hope you see this, Denise, as your email isn't linked to your profile. But I took inspiration from this post from Jeni Baker: https://www.incolororder.com/2017/01/how-to-track-your-fabric-and-yarn.html.
      Most of my usage is yardage, which is easy to calculate, but Jeni mentions how she calculates scraps, and that's what I'm doing too! Hope that helps. Let me know, ok?

    2. Yeah, I'm kind of social media challenged! :-)
      Thanks for the info, I'll go check it out!
      Be well - Denise

    3. No worries! Just glad you saw it!

  7. I need to do this, too. I have stopped buying but I have so much already and am not sewing. I love looking at my fabric though.

    1. Join me! Make something really small! Anything! ;-)