Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Snowflake Sampler :: Favorite Coffee Mug + Small Classic Star

The latest Snowflake Sampler block-of-the-month assignment consisted of two 11" blocks, a coffee mug and a small star. The weaving on the mug felt different than what we'd done before, and I really really enjoyed it.

Actually, both blocks felt like they had a triple layer of stitching. The first had the basic star stitches, the 'X' weaving, and then the flowers. Then the star had star stitches - in both white perle and variegated floss - and then straight stitches before the 'circle' weaving.

So yeah, these were most enjoyable. The base star stitches are a little ho-hum at this point, but the weaving - always worth it.

In case you missed my previous blocks, here they are!

X and O Star   +   Tiny Snowflakes   +   Lacy Flowers

Large Snowflake   +   Woven Star   +   Pearvocado

Classic Star   +   Simple Woven Flower


  1. When doing the handwork, do you start with the block the exact needed size or do you make them a bit large and then trim them down after finishing?

  2. Great hand stitching! The gingham with embroidery is so classic.

  3. I'm so glad you're still enjoying this. I love seeing your new blocks periodically and following along with the stitches you are learning.

  4. So cute!I'm wondering how you keep your tension so even- I bet mine would be puckered!