Friday, July 9, 2021

Snowflake Sampler :: Simple Woven Flower

Another block in the Snowflake Sampler block-of-the-month, this month's design was easy to follow once I got comfortable with it. I may not have ever actually said this, but for each block, it's up to the maker to mark the gingham squares with the stitching design, at least the foundational stitches. I've been using a Frixion pen to make a tiny dot in each square that needs a stitch, per Blair's suggestion. The dots are usually covered by my stitching, but I also press the block once I'm done, which has taken the dots completely away. I don't usually use these pens for marking on the right side of a fabric project, but it seems just fine for this particular use.

Again, most of the work on this block consisted of star stitches, so by the time they were complete, the variegated weaving was a treat for sure. Once trimmed, this block will measure 10" x 20".

In case you missed my previous blocks, here they are!

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Classic Star


  1. I had wondered if any marking was involved at all. Glad to hear that with a press and the stitching it's working well with the Frixion pen!

  2. Beautiful embroidery, thanks for sharing the process.

  3. This is another beauty, Debbie! Love those sweet pop of colours in there.

  4. another pretty block! well done