Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The Art of Everyday

This post is nothing about me or anything I made, though my being a recipient of a handmade item is key. The story began earlier this year....

When Jen Broemel/@jen.broemel first shared her #maydaymaydaytheartofeveryday project on May 8, I was in awe. She was commiting to making and giving away a tiny art zine every week until further notice, and I followed along as she made page by page. Collage may not have been my creative method of choice, but no matter. I was intrigued mostly, by Jen's commitment and sense of generosity.

A couple of months went by, and Jen was still calling out for recipients, so I got up the nerve to send her a note that I'd love one of her improv zines. And wouldn't you know, it arrived over the weekend!

I knew which issue I'd be getting, so I was able to watch it come to life on her Instagram feed under the #maydaymaydaytheartofeveryday hashtag, and it was plumb full of circles. When I commented such, Jen told me she had found her circle punches, and she was obviously enjoying using them!

Now that the finished zine has arrived and I am able to flip through it, I'm inspired by the shapes and colors, the various papers from which it was created, a funny little face, and the texture of each page in my fingers.

And still, the daily commitment to creating, and the thought that these little creations have been flying off into the world on a weekly basis, gives it profound meaning. Definitely food for thought....


  1. what a treasure! I wasn't aware of this project until you posted it, and I've had great fun looking back on some of her work. so inspirational! I'm glad you were a part of it

  2. Just like art quilts! Tons of inspiration in that zine!

  3. What a wonderful story and what a wonderful treasure to keep. Thanks for sharing!