Wednesday, November 24, 2021


This month's Bee Sewcial prompt is "Ice," and thankfully, Leanne/@shecanquilt asked us to create INSPIRED by ice, rather than a literal representation. My first thought was a hole in the ice on a lake (probably because it's a huge fear-inducer), so I began with the "circular" bit. 

But from there it was all spikey icicles and frosty shards.

Absolutely loved Leanne's chosen palette - all the blues, grays/silvers, and white. Obviously I stuck mostly with the blues, and at Leanne's suggestion, even added in a bit of metallic, specifically some Essex Yarn Dyed Metallic in Water. The finished block measured 16.5" x 18.75" and boy, it felt good to do some real improv.


  1. Yes, Ice, I see that and shards and icicles, great rendition.
    You aced it! And the Essex Yarn Dyed metallic adds sparkle.
    Improv at its finest!

  2. The metallic adds such a perfect sparkle and balance to the inspiration and piece. And overall this palette really appeals to me (I know, shocker). It's going to be fun to see Leanne work with these.

  3. I love the metallic compontent! And you block totally fits your inspiration. Great job :) xo

  4. another cool prompt! I love the spikes

  5. Love. Always love your work. This one is wonderful.