Monday, November 8, 2021


It was so good to be able to gather with family last weekend and celebrate not one, but three upcoming birthdays! Some handmade giftwrapping was definitely in order.

First up was one of Jeni Baker/In Color Order's drawstring bags. I went for the Easy Going (Two Fabric) Drawstring Bag from her Lined Drawstring Bag Expansion Pattern. I used "WildField" from Wrenly, an oldie but goodie from Valori Wells, for the colorful exterior, and Cotton Couture Isle for the interior. If you've never made one of Jeni's bags, she's hosting a Lined Drawstring Bag Sew Along very soon. It would be the perfect time to try one!

Next up was a tutorial by Jeni that I had not tried before - one for Fabric Envelopes. In our family, on those occasions when a gift hasn't arrived yet or is too large to transport to the party, we've been known to make a personalized gift certificate. The larger Coupon Envelope was the perfect size for the certificate I'd printed up for hubby. I chose two coordinating Carolyn Friedlander prints, and it was super quick to sew up. Plus, choosing one of Carolyn's border fabrics added some really cool detail on the flap! 

Rather than install a snap this time, I just tied it up with a bow. Perfect.

And lastly, I used Svetlana Sotak/Sotak Handmade's Drawstring Bag tutorial, one I've used dozens of time. I found some darling sea-inspired fabric for this one from Birch Fabrics' Storybook 2 collection. I loved that the dotted print coordinated so well with the sea print, and was perfect for both the lining and casing.

So that was fun! Plus it was a nice diversion from the large quilt I've been quilting. Love those small projects for a quilt finish.


  1. Drawstring bags are perfect for gifts, but I hadn't seen the envelope before. Perfect pairing and placement of print for that one!

  2. Great ideas and finishes!
    And fun time celebrating birthdays!

  3. Beautiful packaging - a gift in itself. Love what you did - and that you took time out for this!!

  4. you always make such beautiful wrappings! I still have a fabric gift bag you gifted to me several years ago!