Monday, January 24, 2022

Yarrow Sew-Along

You know that in addition to quilts, I like to make small sewn items, and it's always fun to mix them in with larger projects. So when I saw that Anna Graham of Noodlehead was hosting a short sew-along to make her new pattern, I figured why not?

Photo by Anna Graham; used by permission.

One big reason was that Yarrow, her new wristlet/pouch, has a zipper going around a curve, and I have never done that! What better way to try than in a sew-along, complete with videos and virtual hand-holding. I'm sure I have fabric in my stash that I can use, but I did need to purchase a few notions - two zippers and a wristlet hardware kit. So I'm ready for it all to begin on January 27, and plan to squeeze it in amongst the quilts I'll be working on over the next few weeks, which are each at a different stage. With any luck, maybe I'll even have one of them completed before the sew-along begins!


  1. what a cute little bag. I do love her patterns

  2. I look forward to your review of that zipper- I've never done one of those !

  3. That is a cute wallet pattern! And zippers are a fun challenge!
    Great idea!

  4. What a cute design! It's great to make smaller things in between big projects, isn't it? Nice that you're sewing along. I plan to join Jo Avery's "Patchwork Pony Sustainable Sewalong," to make a stuffed pony.